What Is a Direct Drive Rotary Table?

Direct Drive Rotary Table

What Is a Direct Drive Rotary Table?

A Direct Drive Rotary Table (DDR) is an electric table that has the same rotary action as a hand operated rack and pinion type table but is electronically driven. The rotational speed is determined by the speed of the motor that produces the power. A typical Direct Drive Table will have a motor that operates between one and five horsepower. This type of table will be able to handle many types of tasks, including precision machining, assembly and routing operations.

A Direct Drive Table is also referred to as a multi-rotor table. Direct Drive Rotary Tables is a type of rotary table typically used for the continuous work that is many times faster and more accurate than the mechanical or rack and pinion types. The use of this type of table has increased as manufacturers are realizing that their customers will not always need to make the same level of accuracy as a mechanical table would do.

A rotary table is an important tool for a variety of different types of manufacturing operations. When a manufacturer needs to accurately measure angles and other measurements, using a rotary table is often the best solution. It is also used for high speed production operations where the speed of the table must be able to support the high level of precision required in order to produce high quality results.

Another benefit of using a rotary table is the versatility in the use of this type of table. There are many different types of rotaries that can be used with the table, allowing the user to easily move from one application to another without having to reprogram the machine. One example of a rotary that can be easily used with this type of table is the table called the JT-8.

The JT-8 is a rotary that can be easily used for applications such as drilling, milling, grinding, punching, shaping, and many other types of operations. The JT-8 rotary has an improved feature of being able to turn in either direction, providing users with the ability to control the speed that they want to apply. When operating a rotary such as this, it is important to ensure that the user is aware of the fact that there is no sudden jerking motion in the center of the table.

A rotary table can be used in various applications. These include machining, fabricating, and other types of machinery. The JT-8 rotary is one example of a rotary that is commonly used in the fabricating industry.