Benefits of Using a Double-Sided Grinder

A double-sided grinder has the benefit of having both sides for cutting wood. The blades on a double-sided grinder are usually different, as well. In fact, the blades can be made from two different materials, such as steel or titanium. The advantages to this type of grinder are that they tend to last longer, more easily replace blades and are less expensive.

Blades: Blades on a double-sided grinder are often different in shape than those on a standard grinder. Blades on a double-sided grinder can either be round or diamond-shaped, with flat tips, or they can be pointed. Some double-sided grinder blades have an edge at the tip of each blade, which enables the user to cut thin layers of material without damaging the blade.

Blade Maintenance: A double-sided grinder is less likely to need regular grinding compared to a single-sided grinder. In fact, a single-sided grinder is the only type of grinder where grinding is necessary. In a single-sided grinder, the material being ground passes over a piece of a grinding wheel, which then grinds away the material. The edges of these grinding wheels are different sizes and thus have different grinding angles than blades on a single-sided grinder.

Blade Sharpening: Because two blades are often used, sharpening is easier for a double-sided grinder, since it does not require replacing the blade as often. This is because the edge of each blade is slightly different, so the sharper edge of one blade is less likely to wear down the other blade, even if they are used in the same job.

Edge Protection: Many double-sided grinder blades have been designed to resist the wear and tear of constant use. This is particularly helpful for people who frequently cut through wood. Each blade, including its sharpening surface, is treated to resist abrasive effects caused by abrasive materials. The result is a blade which remains stronger after each use, while still retaining the edge it has had since it was first manufactured.

Grit Size: A single-sided grinder tends to use larger-grit material for grinding and finer-grit material for cutting. This produces thicker pieces of material when compared to a double-sided grinder. This type of grinding machine also tends to produce a cleaner finish. {because of the larger-grit material that it uses. It is important to choose a grinder with a proper amount of grit for your needs, as some manufacturers recommend that you use a certain amount of grit for every task performed with the grinder.